You Can’t Control Your Mind With Your Mind

Or perhaps more to the point, you cannot consciously control your mind, with that same conscious mind.

Without resorting to chemicals or drugs there are only 2 main ways in which you can ever control your mind…

The first way, and the way in which we often do without realizing it, is by our actions. Our actions control our mind much more than we tend to understand, because they create a feedback system for the subconscious.

For example if you spend the entire evening flopped in front of the TV, drinking beer, munching popcorn and feeling guilty about not going to the gym, that means you’re sending your subconscious various messages:

  • That you’re too lazy to exercise
  • That you’re probably not fit enough to exercise
  • That you’re the sort of person who just doesn’t exercise!

And then of course, the subconscious gets to see the end-result of such actions, such as a growing belly, getting out of breath easily and so on. Over time the messages reinforce themselves.

In contrast, let’s look at what happens when you do make the effort to get off your butt and exercise? What messages are you sending to your unconscious?

These messages:

  • That you’re energetic
  • That you’re fit enough to exercise
  • That you are exercising, and thus getting fitter
  • So the conclusion your subconscious mind makes, is that you’re the sort of person who exercises!

Your actions tell your subconscious that you’re the fit, energetic and exercising type, which then goes on to influence your future behavior.

The power of your subconscious helping you

So while it seems counter-intuitive, the most direct way to control your mind is by just taking physical action! Just do the actions you want more of, and you’ll rapidly find doing them becomes much easier, and much more frequent, because you’ll have the power of your subconscious helping you.

You’ll find it’s your subconscious that reminds you it’s gym night, it’s your subconscious that gets you off the couch and it’s your subconscious that gets you through your workout.

Never underestimate the power of what your subconscious can do, indeed it’s said that almost everything we do is either unconscious or it starts unconsciously.

You might think you just consciously decided to go to the gym, but that’s because a split-second beforehand your subconscious just reminded you that you’re an energetic gym-goer and that it’s gym night! Then you become aware of your decision.

Brain-scanning research shows we’ve often already made a decision 2 or even 3 whole seconds before we are conscious of making that decision – so it’s clear it’s your subconscious mind that’s really in charge.

That mean’s it’s also clear why…

Willpower doesn’t work

Just deciding, sticking with the gym example, that you’re going to be a gym-goer won’t cut it.

Promising yourself, writing it down, getting mad at yourself; these things don’t work – or you’d already be working out regularly, right?

So you need to either already be doing it – which can be a really tough challenge – or consider the 2nd approach to controlling your subconscious mind…

Which means getting someone else to help you.

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