Why you should talk to me

You might want to see the FAQ page, but here’s an overview…

First, forget everything you know about hypnosis – this is different!

Your subconscious mind is an amazing creation, capable of far more – and is far more in control – than we usually give it credit for.

The bad news is you cannot consciously even access, let alone control your own subconscious.

It’s rather like how it’s difficult to tickle yourself, as your brain already knows what you’re trying to do…

To be more technical, it’s like how your computer lets you edit documents, but won’t let you edit the operating system that’s running the computer in the background.

Your operating system (your subconscious) is very protective of itself, and just like a computer it won’t let you change it – ‘Access denied!

But just like computer code can become corrupted, your sub-conscious can become tangled, creating phobias, compulsive behavior or similar problems that harm you, instead of helping.

If such problems don’t resolve by themselves quickly, they tend to create deep patterns that get worse and worse over time.

The magical trick is to get someone else to help guide your thoughts, opening up your subconscious, so the tangled thoughts can be untangled.

My favorite way to describe it is like a mental back-rub; it really helps but you can’t do it to yourself!

Your shopping addiction or spending compulsion is unique to you, so I help you untangle the issue in your own subconscious.

This means we will use your answers, your solutions, and untangle the issue in a way that perfectly suits and works for you.

The result is a deep, permanent untangling of associations and thought patterns, freeing you to regain control over your compulsive behavior. Not through willpower (which you already know doesn’t work) but by breaking the association-belief-emotion-urge cycle trapping you.

You’ll still enjoy shopping, but that’s the key word, enjoy, like you used to, and like you deserve to!

When it’s out of control then it’s not enjoyment; it’s a destructive problem that can grow and ruin every aspect of your life… That problem is why you’re here, reading this – and it’s a problem we can fix, online and in private, usually in a single session.

Controlling your budget means taking back control of your life, putting your energy and resources where they’re really helping you, to build a better, more fun and more secure life.

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