Shopping Addiction Recovery

So you’ve been through your hypnotherapy session – what happens next?

Even if you had a dramatic breakthrough during the session, your mind will still be processing and coming to terms with your new and revealed reality. This is a good thing!

The main point to understand is it’s best to not consciously dwell on the problem (or on the session) because doing so will slow the process down. Instead, allow your unconscious the space and time to process in peace..

I stress peacefully because it’s best to avoid excess stimulation, such as social media or dating apps, and try to avoid any arguments or debates, as that can distract your subconscious and prevent processing.

Yes, I know saying “Don’t think about the problem” sounds like “Don’t think about a purple elephant”! That’s why I recommend to help the process along that you do the following…

After your session:

  • Sleep, if practical
  • Have a nap for an hour or so
  • Go for a walk in nature, such as a park, woodland or similar
  • If you have one, take your dog for a long walk
  • If you don’t have a dog, take yourself for a long walk instead…
  • If you’re familiar with it, practice some mindful mediation, yoga or Thai Chi?
  • Perfect excuse for a a loooong, hot bath!
  • You get the idea – gently distract your conscious mind, so your subconscious can ‘muse’ on the issue in peace
Get your conscious mind out of the way, with a mild, peaceful distraction, or just sleep on it!

What you can expect

As everyone and their shopping addiction are different, your processing will be unique to you. As you finish processing here are some common results and reactions:

A weird feeling that it never was really a problem, and wondering why you ever made such a fuss about it? Right now I know that sounds impossible to imagine, but it’s actually quite common for clients to go to bed with a terrible, compulsive spending problem, and then just wake up without one!

Conversely you may feel that the problem is still there, hasn’t been solved at all, and it’s just a strange coincidence, it’s just good luck or perhaps it’s some other, totally mysterious reason why you’ve now completely stopped all your overspending and compulsive shopping… 😉

Again, even if you had a dramatic breakthrough, allow your mind to process. After around a week or so you’ll know if you need to come back for a 2nd session, but a single session is usually enough.

From there you can look forward to being back in control of your life, healing relationships, clearing or reducing debt to practical levels, and rebuilding what it means to be the real you, without this crushing problem!

So here’s a button to get started, by booking your free chat: