Your Shopping Addiction Hypnosis Session

The first thing to say is that YOUR session, just like everyone else’s, will be unique!

All sessions start the same – I’ll ask you “What’s the problem?” – and we go from there, but where exactly that will take us I cannot say, and nor can you. What I will do is to help you access your unconscious mind, which is very much awake, but hidden. You cannot usually access this part of your mind, in fact the harder you try the more it will resist. Here’s why:

Your subconscious loves you. Very much.

You may be lucky enough to have a great lover, friends, family and relationships with wonderful people, but nobody, anywhere on Earth, loves and cares about you as much as your subconscious does.

He or she is always there, always watching and observing, always learning and spotting patterns, always making connections and then always guiding and, ultimately, controlling you.

That controlling is always done with the best of intentions, and with deep, genuine care – but when it screws up, it screws up with that same intensity, that same unstoppable “to the death” determination, to protect you at all costs!

Card maxed out? Get another card! Account closed? Open another account!

Even as it drags you into the depths of despair and is set to ruin everything, it will not stop, because it thinks it’s protecting you from something even worse than bankruptcy, even worse than a ruined marriage, chronic stress and the total destruction of your life!

That is why it’s so laughable when people suggest “try to resist” or “willpower”, and frankly most conventional therapies are a waste of time too. Some therapy types, especially behavioral therapies, can work, but they drag things out for 3 or 6 months or more, and then relapse later is quite common. If you only suppress the symptoms then the same or a new problem will just keep popping up again.

Why this is different – I’ll help you delve deep down into your unconscious mind, so we can untangle the knots and wrong connections keeping you trapped in your addiction to shopping and compulsive spending.

For example spending addiction damages relationships for sure, such as having to hide how much was spent, or heated arguments – but I believe the real relationship problem is your relationship with yourself.

It’s internal, so we go internally to remove the problem. Makes sense, right?

When that happens you may experience a sudden ‘breakthrough’, where you suddenly have a deep flash of insight and understanding, and at that very moment you already know your shopping addiction is cured, fixed, gone already!

Sometimes that’s just the first layer, and we’ll go even deeper, until you have another breakthrough, and maybe even another.

Other times, and just as common, you’ll find yourself slipping into deep thought. This is your unconscious making new connections and breaking old, false connections, as it “processes” our conversation. Fast or slow, they both work.

Which leads us on to the recovery process… click the link below:

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