What type of therapy do you offer?

Technically this is an advanced and unusual form of conversational hypnosis, meaning it’s interactive, so you remain safe and conscious enough to hold a conversation.

Together we guide your thoughts to unlock access to your subconscious mind while you still remain conscious, and then we break the feedback loop or loops keeping you trapped and repeating the same unwanted behavior.

How Does It Work?

Your brain and thought processes are incredibly complex, and sometimes things get caught in a loop or ‘knot’. In essence, I help guide you into untangling your unique knots (they’re usually a few layers deep).

All of us have multiple knots coming and going all the time, it’s just that sometimes one knot can become so large (or tangled with other knots) that it interferes with your life, in the form of compulsive spending or an obsession with shopping, collecting new things and so on.

This is your destructive symptom, not the deeper problem.

You could treat irrational spending symptoms and they will just keep coming back, or it can even reappear as an entirely different problem!

So what do you actually do?

Listen. Then I talk… and keep listening to you. It’s all about you, not me 🙂

You’ll go deeper into your own thoughts than you ever can by yourself, all while being kept safe and secure with me.

To someone else watching our conversation it would seem rather strange, as you’ll look like you’re thinking really deeply about your answers, to what might appear to be pretty simple questions.

That’s because with my careful and skillful guidance, you will be!

Private and Confidential

There won’t be anyone there though, because it’s just you and me.

You are welcome to record your session, and for your own peace of mind I prefer that you do so.

Will I Reveal My Secrets?

Everyone does have secrets so that’s a great question, and the answer is no, your secrets are safe!

You will remain conscious and aware, so even if you have secretive thoughts there is no need to speak them out loud to me.

You can still untangle your knots without revealing any secrets, and I’ll guide you how.

Do you have specialist qualifications or medical licensing?

Nope! I have taken and passed various courses with pretty diplomas but frankly they’re not relevant.

Conventional therapy tends to validate your feelings and behavior, offering emotional support and then the same tools or methods you’ve already tried and which you already know don’t work for you, such as “Set yourself a strict budget…” Yeah, right!

I have over 20 years of experience as a marketing consultant, and still work in the field. This is my way of helping those who are harmed by bad marketing.

My form of therapy or coaching is unique, and based around real results, in a single session.

What kind of people hire you?

Smart, rational people, male and female, just like you!

If you can admit that you have a shopping addiction and you feel you cannot control it by yourself, then I’m here to help you, though there are some basic requirements:

  • You do need to be over 18 years of age
  • You cannot have a seizure disorder
  • You must let me know if you are taking any psychiatric or seizure medications
  • You must be very fluent in the English language

The above list is not exhaustive and I reserve the right to refuse any client for any reason.

Will You Control My Thoughts?

Absolutely not.

At no point do I “program” your thoughts or behavior. I just guide the direction but it’s always you doing the thinking, inside your own head!

I never judge, presume, assume or interfere with the process. My role is to facilitate you accessing thoughts and connections you could not access by yourself, but all your thoughts will always remain your own.

Are the effects permanent?

Yes! Once it’s fixed it’s fixed, and fixing your shopping obsession is likely to fix many other things in your life as well, as I’m sure you realize!

It’s basically a re-set, as we’ll find and tackle the root causes, not just the symptom.

What if I’m someone who can’t be hypnotized?

Everyone handles hypnosis differently, especially this light and conscious kind, but everyone can be hypnotized!

We will not be forcing your subconscious to do things against its will (which just suppresses the symptom instead of fixing the problem), and this is not stage hypnosis, which does require a degree of cooperation. My form of therapy or coaching still works, even if you’re resisting!

If you’ve had a poor hypnosis experience in the past, you’ll find this is a very different experience.

Is there a guarantee?

While general psychotherapy research demonstrates that over 80% of clients do benefit, and I believe my own approach to be superior to that, no therapeutic modality or therapist can, or should, guarantee success for everyone, every time.

In fact therapists are not allowed to offer guarantees in advertising, as the advertising standards authority (ASA) doesn’t allow it.

Suppose I require another session, do I have to pay again?

Untying knots can be surprisingly exhausting as it taps into deep emotions, so sometimes a client cannot continue and needs a break and another session later; than can happen. If we do need a 2nd session for the same shopping or spending problem then we’ll do so ASAP, and there’s no charge.

Can you be my regular therapist?

If you want an expensive therapist who you can see on a regular basis to make you feel better, then that’s not me.

I’m not here to validate feelings, offer a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear. I’m here to fix a real problem for those who have already accepted that they have a serious compulsion, and wish to be rid of it!

As my approach works for many problems then yes, you can come back later for other issues, such as weight loss, to stop smoking or get over a breakup, but I specialize in shopping addiction and irrational spending.