About Alan

So who is this guy, claiming to perform miracle healing in a single session?

Thanks for asking!

For the last 20 years or so I’ve been an advertising writer, what’s known in the trade as a copywriter, branching out into all forms of ‘Conversion Rate Optimization‘ or CRO. Put simply I help business owners to increase sales on their websites, heavily based around psychology and a deep understanding of how our minds work.

I still do work as a CRO specialist but the more I learned about the more practical and proven sides of psychology (much of it isn’t!) the more it’s become a passion.

My entire career has been about helping people, so as I studied the raw power of hypnosis I became hooked, learning about the various different hypnotic methods, tricks and techniques, and yes there are lots of them!

Like psychology in general, a lot of hypnosis stuff is complete BS, but the real bits are very real indeed…

What this means for you

Ultimately every client cures their own issue; I simply guide you there.

Your mind is an amazing creation, capable of far more that we usually give it credit for, and so in our session I don’t give you direct answers, step-by-step instructions or bark loud orders at you. Instead I help you bypass the conscious mind and unleash the power of your subconscious, so we use your answers, your solutions, and all in ways that perfectly suit you.

The result is a deep, permanent unlocking of your mind, so you only feel fear when, or where, it’s actually required, which is actually pretty rare! By removing your irrational fear it’s not just your mind but your entire physical body that can finally relax, escaping the damaging effects of long-term (chronic) stress.

So let’s do this…

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