About Alan

So who is this guy, claiming to perform miracles in a single session?

Thanks for asking!

At the age of 37 I left the UK and since 2004 I’ve made my living online in South East Asia, as a freelance marketing consultant. I specialize in CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). Put simply I help business owners to increase sales, especially online, heavily based around psychology and a deep understanding of how our brains work, and our buying triggers.

As a marketing guy the only type of psychology I care about is the type my clients pay me good money for – real-world psychology that works. As a marketer that’s literally the bottom line I’m always judged on, and it’s what I deliver.

I still do work as a CRO specialist for a select few clients. I’m very good at what I do, and I can afford to be very fussy about what companies I’m willing to work with. I’ll only work with decent clients that offer their customers real quality and value.

That’s because I’ve seen the dirty side of selling, the deliberate creation of addiction and mind-games, all designed to make people buy stuff they don’t need – and to keep on buying and buying!

My entire career has been about helping people that deserve it, so as I studied the raw power of hypnosis I got excited, studying and practicing the various different hypnotic methods and techniques, and yes there are lots of them!

Just like psychology in general, a lot of hypnosis stuff is complete BS, and so I only care about what really works…

…and the real stuff really works!

So let’s do this…

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